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Buying Real Estate in a Saturated Market - What to Know
By Zumin Real Estate Centre September 13, 2019

Real estate investment is one of the best ways to earn big profits, and many successful investors today have started here. If you are interested in starting investing too, you might wonder if this is the right time to do so even when the market seems overpriced. The short answer is yes because even in hot markets, you can still find properties to invest in at a bargain. Aside from that, the key lies in having the right perspective.

Here are some tips for you:

Invest with an intention to keep the property for long

One of the best ways to invest in real estate is to think long-term. It is rare that you will make a huge profit if you buy a property today, flip it, and sell it in a few months. This is because real estate often sees short-term fluctuations. That said, your best move should be to hold your property for as long as you can, and then sell it when the market conditions have improved. When that time comes, you can reap a better return on your investment.


Survey the area you want to invest in

Spend some time getting to know the area where you want to put your investments. Familiarize yourself with the way of living in the area, as well as the economic activities. Engage with people around and get an insight into why they prefer to live in that neighbourhood or what they like best about it. Then, expand your options by looking at similar areas where your money may be better invested in.


Assess income opportunities

Look for areas with better opportunities when it comes to generating more rental income than they currently have. For instance, you can search for properties that you can convert or renovate, so they can command a better rental price. Properties sell more when you renovate them to make them look better and increase their value.


Work with a great local realtor

Find a great local realtor you can work with, someone who understands your long-term goals. A local realtor will also be well-versed with what’s happening in the local market, which can affect your investment decisions. With his knowledge of local market trends, he can help you find the best investment opportunities that suit what you are looking for.


Start small

When you are eager to dip your toes in the water while your budget may be limited, you can try what some investors do. They buy a duplex and live in one unit then rent out the other. This will make sure that you still generate an income that can help you pay the mortgage and other expenses. Once you get used to managing a property investment, you can then consider buying a larger property or selling the duplex when the market condition is good enough to make a handsome profit.



Real estate presents great opportunities for investors. Even when the market seems overpriced, when you do enough research, you can find great deals that will give good returns on your investment. 

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